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ABC New Voices 2012

About New Voices — These books are chosen by a committee of independent children's booksellers from around the country. These 12 titles came from more than 80 submissions from a wide range of publishers.


Spring Picks for Ages 8 - 12

Child of the Mountains
by Marilyn Sue Shank (Delacorte/Random House, 9780385740791, Ages 9-12)
Read it if you wish you were off solving a mystery!

"After Lydia’s brother B.J. is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, getting him out of their Appalachian town for treatment seems like a dream come true…until their mother ends up in jail for B.J.’s death. Now Lydia must dig deep to navigate a complex path toward justice that’s sure to keep readers riveted until the very last page."
Meghan Dietsche Goel, BookPeople Bookstore, Austin, TX

Glory Be
by Augusta Scattergood (Scholastic Press, 9780545331807, Ages 9-12)
Read it if you love stories that inspire you!

"In the summer of 1964, in Hanging Moss, Mississippi, 12-year-old Glory Hemphill finds herself surrounded by racism, hatred, and discrimination. When her local swimming pool is shut down indefinitely, Glory becomes determined to get answers. This is an important introduction to the horror of segregation and the hope that becomes the Civil Rights Movement."
Becky Quiroga Curtis, Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL

If Only
by Carole Geithner (Scholastic Press, 9780545234993, Ages 10+)
Read it if you understand the power of true friendship.!

“Corinna is struggling with the loss of her mother. Her father is trying his best, but it’s not the same. And her friends just don’t understand. With the help of a new friend, a support group, and a few inside jokes, Corinna begins to find her way again. A quiet gem of a book.“
Sarah Hutton, Village Books, Bellingham, WA

May B.
by Caroline Starr Rose (Schwartz & Wade/Random House, 9781582463933, Ages 8-12)
Read it if you like losing yourself in an adventure!

"A stunning novel in verse, May B. tells the story of a young girl stranded on a Kansas homestead. With no one but herself for companionship, May struggles to survive as winter quickly approaches."
Suzanna Hermans, Oblong Books & Music, Rhinebeck, NY

My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer
by Jennifer Gennari (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 9780547577395, Ages 9-12)
Read it if you enjoy the sweeter things in life!

"'When everything starts to get muddled up inside my head,' says 12-year-old June Farrell, 'there’s nothing better than making pies.' June’s summer is muddled because her mom’s getting married to a woman, something that doesn’t sit well with many of the people in June’s small town. With pluck, bravery, and baking tips, June’s summer of confusion becomes a time of making choices, growing up, and being true to herself."
Robert McDonald, The Book Stall at Chestnut Court, Winnetka, IL

We've Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children's March
by Cynthia Levinson (Peachtree Publishers, 9781561456277, Ages 10+)
Read it if you have an inner news reporter!

“The year is 1963, and the place is Birmingham, Alabama. Thousands of black children march on city hall, are arrested, jailed, and released. Again they march—over and over again. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in 1963, it took children to raise the nation. Where adults failed, children were victorious. This extraordinary New Voice tells the stories of those who were there.“
Antonia Squire, Kepler's, Menlo Park, CA


Spring Picks for Teens

Breaking Beautiful
by Jennifer Shaw Wolf (Walker Children's/Bloomsbury, 9780802723529, Ages 12+)
Read it if you love mysteries with a little bit of romance!

“Allie’s life is turned upside down when her boyfriend, Trip, dies in a car accident—and she survives with no memory of what happened. Things about that night don’t add up, and when the investigation is reopened, the town looks to her for answers. Torn between the bruised past of life with Trip and the budding future with her best friend, Blake, Allie must decide what she stands for and if the truth will really set her free.“
Emily Grossenbacher, Lemuria Books, Jackson, MS

Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, 9780312641894, Ages 12+)
Read it if you sometimes wish your best friend was a robot!

“In this fantastic, futuristic take on the Cinderella tale, we find Cinder working as a mechanic and trying to hide her cyborg status. The familiar parts are all here: the evil step-mother, the prince, and, of course, the ball…but wait! There is also a deadly plague and a mysterious lunar queen! It takes a very good writer to create a totally new story from something so familiar, and Meyer sends it on a rollicking ride. I simply loved it!“
Liesl Freudenstein, Boulder Bookstore, Boulder, CO

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
by Jesse Andrews (Abrams, 9781419701764, Ages 14+)
Read it if you can't help laughing in awkward situations!

“Think back to your high school years. Remember how much life sucked back then? What? You’re in high school now? Oh. Um, well, y’know how much life sucks right now? This book will prove you had, er, have it easy. When Greg is forced to re-friend a girl dying of cancer, his hard-earned inconspicuous position in the high school food chain moves into the spotlight. What ensues is a really touching story with the perfect amount of laughter, stupidity, and badgers.“
Walter Petryk, Community Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

Shadow and Bone
by Leigh Bardugo (Henry Holt/Macmillan, 9780805094596, Ages 12+)
Read it if you like your daydreams more than reality!

“The once-great nation of Ravka is surrounded by enemies and split in two by the Shadow Fold, a land of deserted sand occupied by flesh-eating monsters. When Alina’s military regiment is attacked by these monsters, her best friend, Mal, is mortally injured. Alina’s ability to save him reveals she has a power that could save the nation. A great beginning to a trilogy!“
Cathy Berner, Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, TX

Something Like Normal
by Trish Doller (Bloomsbury, 9781599908441, Ages 14+)
Read it if you like books with heroes you can champion!

“After joining the Marines right out of high school, Travis is home on leave from Afghanistan. He tries to cope with his best friend’s death and tries to keep his cool, even though his brother has stolen his car, his girlfriend, and the job he had wanted. Wartime tragedy may have damaged Travis, but ultimately his kind heart and humor help him find some peace. This timely story gives readers a hero to cheer for.“
Ellen Davis, Dragonwings Bookstore, Waupaca, WI

Wonder Show
by Hannah Barnaby (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 9780547599809, Ages 12+)
Read it if you want to run off and join the circus!

“After escaping McGreavey’s Home for Wayward Girls and the dreaded 'Mister,' Portia joins a traveling carnival. She’s a 'normal' among human oddities, and she’s searching for a new life and the father who abandoned her. This is a curious tale of loss and hope, with a bit of murder mixed in for good measure!“
Brandi Stewart, Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ