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About the IndieBound Community


The mission of the community is to help people across the United States share and find independently-owned businesses.

Who am I?

YOU are an imaginative, thoughtful, civic-minded individual who wants to shop locally and support your community. And when you travel, you want to see something new, do something different. You like variety, creativity, and diversity, and you always value a new experience over the same old same old.

How the Community Works

Users — real flesh-and-blood people who have created accounts on

  • create book lists with books they want, books for their reading group, their current reading stack—anything
  • post comments on stores, whether it be a review of each store, a personal experience there, some recommendations — anything that can help other people learn more about that store
  • edit existing stores to add more information — store hours, pictures of the store, etc.
  • add interest tags both to their own accounts and to stores...tags like "southern literature" or "harry potter" help connect users and stores, and help everyone discover new things!
  • become fans of stores they know & love — so that other people can find stores through their user profile
  • add new stores — great indie retailers they're familiar with
  • add other users as friends, and leave notes for other users

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