Your Summer Reading Lists

Two new, summery lists of indie bookseller-recommended titles are out now—in stores, online, and on the IndieBound app for iPhone.

The Summer 2009 Kids' Indie Next List looks great. Recommendations are categorized by age groups, from four-ish to teen-ish—or, if you're like me, well into adulthood—plus an overall Top 10 list.

The Spring/Summer 2009 Reading Group Indie Next List has a Top 10, as well as thematic lists like Memorable Women, The Impact of War, and Visiting Other Worlds—featuring one of my favorite writers, Amelie Nothomb.

You can look through all these lists here on, but you can also browse and buy recommended titles on your iPhone. The IndieBound app for iPhone regularly updates these and other book lists, like the monthly Indie Next List and weekly Indie Bestseller Lists. You can also see archives of months past, right in the app.

Use the Indie Store Finder, also in the app, to find indie bookstores near you and see these lists in person!

Indies in NYC

The Independent Booksellers of New York City (IBNYC) are spotlighting NYC indies on their blog. Booksellers are recommending favorite independent businesses near their bookstores—the ultimate indie guide to New York City!

Kelly at Book Culture in the Upper West Side listed her local favorites including The Hungarian Pastry Shop and Bazaar de la Paz—in addition to fellow booksellers Bank Street Bookstore and Morningside Bookshop.

powerHouse Arena in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn recommends Almondine Bakery and Halcyon Music, among others.

Jessica of McNally Jackson in Nolita suggests Cafe Gitane, Wine Therapy and Pinche Taqueria.

Planning a visit to to New York? Check out these locations and visit the IBNYC blog for more, or visit them now if you're in the area! I know where I'll be eating this weekend...

The Indie 100 Tour - New England

Another Indie 100 Tour update from Marc Fitten. This time he's traveling through New England—specifically visiting Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boston, MA.

I should have studied more in high school. 

I should have studied and then gone on to a university in New England.  Then I could have spent weekends at the Cape.  I could have learned to sail and ski.  I could have gone on to marry a Kennedy…or maybe a Westinghouse…or perhaps a General Electric…or one of the Amway girls.  Or maybe I’d have gone another route and married a plucky girl from a small village.  

Although, in thinking of skiing, I imagine New England winters suck.  It’s May and trees are only just starting to bloom.  That scares me.  After years of winter in Eastern Europe, I decided I hate winter.  I couldn’t really live here for that reason.  So, I guess it’s fine I didn’t study after all.

The Indie 100 Tour - Atlanta

Paige's note: I'm very happy to bring you a guest blogger, author Marc Fitten. He's got a cool independent bookstore project that I'll let him explain:

I'm going on an extensive book tour in support of my new novel, Valeria's Last Stand. Only, to spice things up, I've decided that while I'm on the road, I will visit 100 independent book stores and blog about what I think makes them unique. It's a road trip, from city to city—100 stores, as long as it takes.

Marc's first stop on the Indie 100 Tour is A Capella Books in Atlanta, GA. He sets the scene for us here.

ATLANTA - A city is never one thing. Atlanta is a corporate town, a college town, a gay town, a black town, a southern town, and a transplant town. The reason it works is because above all else, it’s utilitarian. It’s just so freaking convenient. Have you seen the airport? It’s a metaphor for how the city works.

Of course, traffic sucks. There might be chain pharmacies, chain restaurants, chain discount stores, and a mall within one mile of every citizen, but none of it matters as they usually take forty minutes to reach.

Buy Indie Day

May 1st has been declared Buy Indie Day. The idea: buy one book—paperback, hardcover, audiobook, whatever you want!—at an independent bookstore near you.

I think writer Kevin Guilfoile said it well when he posted:

"There's an opportunity here to make something very cool happen—near simultaneous, informal meet-ups of readers and writers in independent bookstores all over the country—and it can happen with practically no effort at all."

You can RSVP, invite friends and discuss with other indie shoppers on Buy Indie Day's Facebook page, and find an indie bookstore near you on the Indie Store Finder map.

Where you will be buying indie on May 1st?

April is Genocide Prevention Month

The Genocide Prevention Project and the American Booksellers Association have partnered to help commemorate April as Genocide Prevention Month, and developed the Books of Conscience list.

The books selected testify to the historical realities and human tragedies of genocide—and the acts of courage and commitment of those dedicated to fighting genocide.

Browse through the list here and look for a Genocide Prevention Month display at your local, independent bookstore.

For more information and to get involved, visit

Emma and Gina Shop Indie & Local

Another indie video! This one's from Gina in Berkeley, CA, and features lots of indie businesses, like Pegasus Fine Books. Thank you, Gina (and Emma)!!

IndieBound Affiliate Program

We've made some major updates to our Affiliate Program! In addition to the awesome ability to link to indie bookstores nationwide, here's what else is new:

  • Use your Affiliate ID in a link to any page on, like the Indie Next List or a Wish List (or my Wish List)
  • Simpler linking syntax (see here)
  • Affiliate links now set session cookies, so you'll reap the benefits of continued user shopping—on IndieBound and indie bookstore websites

And coming soon: online sales tracking through IndieBound, and customizable blog widgets for Indie Bestsellers, Wish Lists, or any list of books you choose!

Use to link to books and you:

  • Support indie bookstores
  • Support local communities nationwide
  • Support choice, diversity, and free expression

Any questions? Let me know!

April is National Poetry Month

Horace wrote in his Ars Poetica, "A mediocrity in poets neither gods, nor men, nor even the booksellers' shops have endured." Never fear, Horace—booksellers have recommended some decidedly non-mediocre titles for the 2009 Poetry Indie Next List.

National Poetry Month is upon us! As usual there are many ways to celebrate, first and foremost by reading some poetry. Check out the titles above and find a bookstore near you at which to browse.

You can also check read a Poem-A-Day, put a poem in your pocket, and my favorite: take part in the Free Verse Project on and flickr.

Record Store Day 2009

On Saturday, April 18, 2009, hundreds of independently-owned music stores across the country will celebrate Record Store Day. Record Store Day gives music stores and their fans a chance to celebrate the culture and unique place that they occupy both in their local communities and nationally.

What's Record Store Day all about? Check out this episode of Stuck in Vermont from RSD 2008 featuring Pure Pop Records to see what it's like.

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