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IndieBound Book Lists on your iPhone

We're excited to announce that IndieBound for iPhone 1.5 is now available in the App Store. Here's what's new:

My Book Lists
IndieBound for iPhone is now fully integrated with your Book Lists on Take your lists with you into your favorite bookstore for easy shopping. Discover new books for your wish list on the Indie Next List or Indie Bestsellers, or add anything you have in mind using our comprehensive Book Search. You can even create new lists, remove books, and rearrange your book lists, all from within the IndieBound app. Changes to the lists are synced back to so you can share them with family and friends, or create a widget for your blog or website. Not yet a member of the Community? You can register (quickly and easily) directly through the app.

Favorite Store
Like to shop online? Now it's even easier. IndieBound for iPhone can now remember your favorite independent bookstore for repeat online shopping...even if you're far away. Perfect for those last-minute presents.

Click here to download from iTunes. Already have the IndieBound app on your iPhone? Visit the App Store and check the "Updates" tab to get the new version.

New Book Lists, Widgets on

Our theme for this round of updates (yes, we picked a theme...) is "Pass it On." We've rolled out a number of significant changes to to give you more ways than ever before to spread the Shop Indie message.

  • IndieBound Book Lists has had a Wish List feature since Holiday '08, but now each community member can create an unlimited number of book lists. Each list can be given its own name, as well as some introductory text, which is a great place to include a ship-to address, tax deductible information, and more.
  • New Book List Builder
    New lists need new tools, and we wanted to be sure indie fans could build great lists fast. We've created a new list builder function which provides a book search on the left and your book list on the right, so you can add, rearrange, and move books between lists super-fast, all from one screen.
  • Annotate Book List Books
    By popular request! Using the new Book List Builder, you can add notes to each book on your list--for example, to request a signed copy, or to indicate which month your book group will be reading each title.
  • Share Your Lists with the World
    Once you've made a great list of books, you'll want to get it out there. We've provided several ways to do so. You can email your list to mutual friends on, or to any group of email addresses. We've provided printable versions of each list that you can take with you for in-store shopping. And each list is syndicated as an RSS feed, so you can plug it into any RSS/XML widget on your blog or Facebook page.
    We're also working on public venues on to show off the newest and best book lists.

But wait, there's also...

  • IndieBound Book Widgets!
    You can also add book lists to your blog or website in a fun, interactive way using our new IndieBound Book Widgets. These lightweight JavaScript widgets can be created from any book list, or from the Indie Bestseller Lists or Indie Next List. Affiliates may include their affiliate ID to collect a commission from sales. Widgets are available in a variety of sizes and with a completely customizable palette of colors. And each book can link either to, or to one of your favorite stores that offers online shopping.

As always, frequent site visitors may need to refresh their browsers to see some of the changes.
There's much more to come, including an update bringing these book lists to IndieBound for iPhone. Stay tuned.
Check out the latest book lists!

Drupal Flexibility and Core Hacks

As Gina kindly pointed out to me recently, my blog promises overlong tangents about Drupal, but hasn't delivered lately. Since my first-year anniversary of working with Drupal is coming up, I thought I'd change that and share my experiences so far.

I came to Drupal as a PHP/MySQL programmer and a bit of a snob about building sites from scratch. My primary concern was that a mature CMS would be too constricting, that it would keep me from doing things I wanted to do, or else those things would require complex, time-wasting workarounds.

Huge Updates Today to!

We've been hard at work since our last update. IndieBound is proud to announce five major new features everyone can benefit from:

Info Pages for Books.
Now it's easier than ever to link to IndieBound and support independent bookstores on your own website. Just click on any book link or book result from our site search, and you'll be presented with a separate page with cover art and a brief book description.

Winter Institute and

Nasty cold notwithstanding, coming to Wi4 has been a great experience for me, and an excellent opportunity to pick the brains of the best and most forward-thinking booksellers w/r/t what they'd like to see on Here are some of the top suggestions:

sIFR & Olly

For those who might be curious, the fancy-looking KnockOut headlines that now accompany featured articles on the front page are being rendered using a terrific JavaScript/Flash-based plug-in called sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement).

New Wish List, Indie Store XML Feeds

What could be more exciting than XML? IndieBound XML, about you! With our new feeds, now you can include your book Wish List, your favorite stores, or the newest stores on in your website or blog. Check them out!

The Word on Widgets

What began as a quiet rumble is becoming a roar: the world wants IndieBound web widgets! I'm glad the site is getting to a point where there's a demand for these things. Short answer:


Behind the Scenes with our New Book Search

I've been busy the last few weeks--among other things, incorporating the Book Search into For what it's worth, I think the Book Search is a terrific bit of searches about a dozen fields in a database of millions of books, sorts by all kinds of things (relevance, popularity, etc.) and does it all nearly instantaneously. The Book Search was originally developed by our E-Commerce team for the new ABA E-Commerce Sites (which are also being built in Drupal!).

What have your friends been doing?

I promised it a while ago--now you can see what your friends have been up to! Just click on the "Friends' Activity" link on the Community Bar at the top of every page, or click the "My Friends' Activity" button on your profile page.

Goes without saying that you have to be logged in to view this page...

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