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Posted by matt on Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 5:05pm

I thought it would be a good idea to keep a blog about how the community—and the website in general—are developing. If this is a subject that interests you, then, buddy, have I got a blog for you.

First of all, it's been really exciting to watch this community fill with beta testers, ABA staff, and other indie business fans. While I was testing it and tinkering with it it was sort of a ghost town with a population of one, and when I tested out features like the personal contact forms or user profile notes, I was talking to myself, which made me feel more than a little crazy at times. I created fake personalities and added myself as a buddy several times to test the buddy notification emails. This is the sad, lonely life of a developer. To see the energy and enthusiasm of real people—that's wonderful.

So as I mentioned in my original beta test email, the finalized design for the community pages is coming. Stay tuned.

Here's a list of other features I'm working on:

  • Site-wide search. Search store names, comments, user profiles, etc.
  • Stores I've Added. A new sidebar block that lists stores you've added, how many fans each has, and when the latest activity (comment, etc.) on that store was.
  • Email notifications. Give users the option to be notified whenever anyone adds a note to your page, for instance.
  • Email preferences. Give users the option NOT to receive emails from
  • Add a store, become a fan. An option to become a fan of a store you add automatically.
  • A system so that you can manually arrange your friends and favorite stores.
  • Blogs. This one here is the guinea pig...I'll be tweaking things on this one until I get it right. More will be coming, though.

And some non-community things you can look out for soon:

  • Fall '08 Kids' Indie Next List. Coming in mid-to-late-August, around the same time the Kids' Next List flyers hit stores.
  • Indiessentials. Giving the backlist titles some love, too!

Let me know what you'd like to see!

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I haven't been very active in this Blog thing (could be old age) but I do think it's pretty neat. Hang in there Matt, it's pretty obvious your days of talking to yourself are over. The effort so many are making to wake up people to the Independent Stores (especially book stores) is truly amazing and hopefully will continue to blossom. Supposedly large corporations mean lower prices but that's not always been my experience and frequently independence means a better product that lasts longer even if it is a couple bucks more. Onward IndieBound!

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Will there be a forum, where indie things in general can be discussed? I notice we can comment to a discussion directly tied to an individual store, or we can comment directly to another user, but will there be forums where we can discuss indie things in general?



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Hi Zoe!

I think down the road a forum could be a possibility, and I'd love to give IndieBound users as much free rein to interact as possible. There are some significant legal and resources issues that go into creating and maintaining a forum, however, so it could take some time.

We do, however, have some things planned that will give community members more ways to interact. Blogs are one thing we're planning, like mine here, but focused on other Indie/Local Living topics. And once ABA's new E-Commerce Solution (also Drupal-based) is up and running later this year, we should be able to do some really exciting things with books, book discussion, etc.

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matt's blog

i think blog's are a great way to express one self

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IndieBound app

I like very much what you are doing with Indie Bound, its remeniscent of the music site BandCamp which is a great way for indie producers to sell their stuff.

I live in Australia and want to add the Indie Bound app to my iPhone, however, its only available on the US iTunes store. How can I get it here in Australia?

I realise there may be international copyright issues but readers and writers are a world wide phenomena.
Maybe we need an Indie Bound Australia? But it would be nice to be able to access your stores here in Australia just as I can access Bookdepository or Abe's Books.


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