Public Launch of Community

We're planning to open our little community up to the world at large next Tuesday, 9/9. Thanks so much to everyone who's joined so far for all of your suggestions and bug reports—and for just generally making yourselves at home here. I've been working on a number of things since the Beta launch. Here's a preview of what's coming with the public launch next week:

* A new look — including a login block on every page, so you don't have to go back to to log in all the time!
* Site-wide search — search all of, including stores, user profiles, site pages, and other content
* Queueing system for Friends & Favorites — sort your Friends and Favorites lists on your profile by hand.
* Stores added by each member — see which stores each community member has added, and how many fans/reviews each has. And keep up with stores you've added yourself!
* Bug fixes and general polish
* A lot more people!

And stay tuned! We have a lot of exciting things planned for in the future.

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