This is Awesome

We're at almost 700 members--and growing fast!

It's just awesome how many stores people have added--and how everyone is networking with everyone else. I guess there's something to this "social networking" thing. More and more, I'm getting the feeling that IndieBound really *is* tapping into something people need, something already there that was just looking for an outlet and a voice. Of course, that's why we started IndieBound in the first place, but reality > plans, right?

In our own neck of the, skyscrapers, I'd like to congratulate The Independent Booksellers of New York City, whose new website just launched recently:

We're working hard to keep rolling out new features around here. We have more articles by community members coming, a terrific contest coming up (wish I was eligible...), and much more down the road. Here's some stuff I'm working on now:

* Activity pages -- keep up with what your (mutual) friends have been doing!
* Better metadata indexing for site search -- find the correct issue of the Indie Next List by searching for book titles
* Bug fixes -- some community members have not been receiving email notifications when friends reply to their notes...i'm trying to figure out what's back of this. If you've been having this problem, and haven't notified me already, please let me know. I'm trying to find a pattern, here, since I haven't been able to reproduce the problem.
* The obligatory Digg/ links
* Links to IndieBound on other sites (did you know we're on Facebook? On Twitter, twice? Three times, actually--ABA's Sarah often tweets about IndieBound-related issues...)

Long-term, we'll be including much more book-related content in the Community. This will be based in large part on features developed during the ABA E-Commerce Solution's transition to Drupal, which is still ongoing. Keep an eye on this blog, and I'll keep you up to date as things develop.