What have your friends been doing?

I promised it a while ago--now you can see what your friends have been up to! Just click on the "Friends' Activity" link on the Community Bar at the top of every page, or click the "My Friends' Activity" button on your profile page.

Goes without saying that you have to be logged in to view this page...

Also, this only works for mutual friends. If someone hasn't added you back yet, you won't be able to see what they've been doing. By the same logic, if you don't add someone back as a friend, they won't be able to spy on you...at least not on this website...no guarantees about in real life (who's that peeking in your window?)...

Also added "Other/Outside of USA" option for users, so people outside of the US can (accurately) join IndieBound.

Working on an IndieBound FAQ.

Hope to have a good solution to the interest tags issue soon.

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