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Posted by matt on Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 2:09pm

We've been hard at work since our last update. IndieBound is proud to announce five major new features everyone can benefit from:

Info Pages for Books.
Now it's easier than ever to link to IndieBound and support independent bookstores on your own website. Just click on any book link or book result from our site search, and you'll be presented with a separate page with cover art and a brief book description.

Included on each page are links to buy the book online directly from a store near you, locate a store on the Indie Store Finder Map, and add the book to your Wish List, as well as a widget for linking to the book on your own website, if you're an affiliate. You can also just copy and paste the book info page's URL--it's a permanent link to the book.

Try it out with the Indie Bestsellers.

Great Reads from Booksellers You Trust.
Independent booksellers are and have always been discoverers of the next big thing, the next great read, the next bestseller, and the next undiscovered gem.'s new Book Info Pages spotlight bookseller quotes from Indie Next List recommendations. Currently included are quotes from all Indie Next List Great Reads and Notables, including specialty lists, going back to the beginning of the Indie Next List in July 2008. More bookseller recommendations will be coming from the past--and the future! Stay tuned.

IndieBound To-Go: Make it Your Own.
Take it to the streets with IndieBound art files. We're making some of our IndieBound materials freely available to other indie retailers and enthusiasts. IndieBound To-Go equips you with everything you need to make your own IndieBound posters, bumper stickers, buttons, T-shirts, and more. A user account in the IndieBound Community is required. And don't forget to let us know how you're using IndieBound in your community!

Improved Indie Store Finder Map.
The Indie Store Finder map is the heart and soul of the Indie Community, and we've been working hard to make it easier and more useful than ever. "More Info" links now provide expanded bubbles with store hours, descriptions, and pictures--right on the map! A "Become a Fan" button is even included, so you can show your love for several stores in your area all at once.

Bookstores are now the default option, but other business types are available--we've even added three new categories: Gift & Home, Arts & Crafts, and Restaurants, to accommodate the growing diversity of indie businesses community members have been adding to our map! And there's still an "All Indie Stores" option for a Main Street overview.

Bicycles, Bicycles Everywhere...
With the help of the National Bicycle Dealers Association, has added over 4,000 independently-owned bicycle shops to the Indie Store Finder map. Bet there's one near you!

For everyone out there making the effort to shop local in 2009, know that your efforts are making a difference. IndieBound will keep spreading the word about what makes independent retail great--and we hope you'll be there with us. We have big plans for the spring and only gets better from here!

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