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Winter Institute and

Nasty cold notwithstanding, coming to Wi4 has been a great experience for me, and an excellent opportunity to pick the brains of the best and most forward-thinking booksellers w/r/t what they'd like to see on Here are some of the top suggestions:

  • Tying booksellers more strongly to their stores - allowing booksellers to identify themselves as booksellers, as well as the store they work for. Besides adding more humanity to the experience, this would allow these users privileges to do additional on.
  • Bookseller Blogs - a simple RSS/XML importer that would show the latest entries from booksellers' blogs on their profile pages, and aggregated elsewhere on the site.
  • Reading Groups - lists of upcoming books for reading groups. Here we can really leverage the strength of to tie reading groups back to their "home base" bookstore...and our book search will make it easy to keep book lists up to date! Lists could be maintained by the sponsoring bookseller, or by anyone they designate.
  • Better use of Next List Nominations (even if they weren't chosen!) - using bookseller recommendations instead of generic book "descriptions" whenever possible, by way of a great resource we already have--monthly Next List noms!

I wish I had you guys in the office every week! These are terrific suggestions and I will be working hard over the next several months to make them happen. There's so much we can do on to strengthen the ties between booksellers and their communities. Hope everyone will be coming along for the ride.