The Secret Life of a Submissive

The Secret Life of a Submissive Cover

The Secret Life of a Submissive

By Sarah K

HarperCollins Publishers, Paperback, 9780007506217, 279pp.

Publication Date: March 26, 2013



Sarah K has a secret.

By day she's a writer and level-headed single mother; by night she's a submissive, living a real-life Fifty Shades of Grey that is thrilling beyond her wildest dreams.

But this is no fantasy: Sarah's story is all true

Daring, evocative and thrilling, but told with wit and honesty, this is an explosive account of life as a submissive, and of a secret world in which only a few dare to play.

When Max comes into Sarah's life charming, handsome and deliciously brooding she can t resist. She surrenders to him in every way: he is a dominant, and Sarah becomes his submissive, yielding her body to his every desire.

But as Sarah pushes her mind and body to its limits performing acts E.L. James would blush at she begins to realise that she's in too deep. Pleasure and pain have become her world; she's addicted to the adrenalin, to the sensation and to Max himself.

Now she's in serious danger of giving in to the ultimate temptation: falling in love

About the Author
Sarah K is an author of several novels this is her first work of non-fiction. She is happily divorced and lives in the south of England."

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