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Comic Book Encyclopedia

The Ultimate Guide to Characters, Graphic Novels, Writers, and Artists in the Comic Book Universe

By Ron Goulart

It Books, Hardcover, 9780060538163, 378pp.

Publication Date: October 26, 2004


A 4-colour, illustrated best-of-the-best of the comic book world - with writers/creators who launched an industry (Jack Kirby, Stan Lee), amazing graphic novels (Preacher, The Watcher), legendary artists (Jim Lee) and characters as wide-ranging as Archie, The Gay Ghost, Batman, Blue Devil and the Fantastic Four.

Never before has there been a single volume of superheroes, graphic novels, strange comic icons, legendary writers and artists of the comic world. Comic Book Encyclopedia is the multiverse of comic legend and lore for every comic-book fan, and for everyone who wants to understand the characters, history, and universal appeal of this world.

Collected into a single volume, this is the best-of-the-best of comics. From the 1930s to today, it includes everything a young, budding comic reader - or an experienced pro - needs to know and/or read.

About the Author
Ron Goulart (b. 1933) is a cultural historian and novelist. Besides writing extensively about pulp fiction including the seminal "Cheap Thrills: An Informal History of Pulp Magazines" (1972) Goulart has written for the pulps since 1952, when the" Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction "published his first story, a sci-fi parody of letters to the editor. Since then he has written dozens of novels and countless short stories, spanning genres and using a variety of pennames, including Kenneth Robeson, Joseph Silva, and Con Steffanson. In the 1990s, he became the ghostwriter for William Shatner s popular TekWar novels. Goulart s "After Things Fell Apart" (1970) is the only science-fiction novel to ever win an Edgar Award.In the 1970s Goulart wrote novels starring series characters like Flash Gordon and the Phantom, and in 1980 he published "Hail Hibbler", a comic sci-fi novel that began the Odd Jobs, Inc. series. Goulart has also written several comic mystery series, including six books starring Groucho Marx. Having written for comic books, Goulart produced several histories of the art form, including the "Comic Book Encyclopedia" (2004).