The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 1

The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 1

The Hero Revealed

By William Boniface; Stephen Gilpin (Illustrator)

HarperCollins, Hardcover, 9780060774646, 304pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2006


A hilarious new series that proves superpowers are no match for brainpower.

In the town of Superopolis, everyone has a superpower. Everyone, that is, except Ordinary Boy. He's–well, he's pretty much ordinary. But that won't stop him from taking on supervillains like the sinister Professor Brain–Drain....

This spring, welcome to Superopolis and The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, a clever, funny new series for kids who've outgrown Captain Underpants or anyone who loves The Incredibles and The Tick. Packed with dynamic illustrations and starring a smart young hero who could hold his own with Charlie Bone, Klaus Baudelaire, and Stanley Yelnats, this is a series that kids will find undeniably super!

About the Author

William Boniface may or may not exist. Ordinary Boy, after all, tells his own story. Mr. Boniface could simply be a creation of the publisher in order to fulfill the requirement that an author be listed on the cover of this book. Given that possibility, there is no harm in revealing that Mr. Boniface has lent his name to over two dozen far less wordy children's books that were also in need of an author. Unless, of course, he didn't, which would make this entire biography irrelevant.

Praise For The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 1

“As a send-up and a celebration of the comics genre, this packs a wallop.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will zip through it faster than a speeding bullet.”
-School Library Journal

“Not only is Ordinary Boy incredibly funny, he’s extraordinarily smart.”
-Argus Leader

“The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy series will appeal to fans of Captain Underpants in search of new adventures.”
-ALA Booklist