Hello to the Cannibals

Hello to the Cannibals Cover

Hello to the Cannibals

By Richard Bausch

Harper Perennial, Paperback, 9780060930806, 688pp.

Publication Date: December 13, 2013


At first, all Lily Austin knows about 19th century explorer Mary Kingsley is that, 100 years before, she was the first white woman to venture into the heart of Africa. But as Lily begins reading about Mary Kingsley, she becomes more and more fascinated and discovers in Mary a kindred spirit.

In her own life, Lily feels trapped on the one hand, she craves family and intimate connection; on the other hand, she has no healthy or satisfying role models. Consequently, as she nears graduation from the University of Virginia, she finds herself uncertain about what to do with her life.

As she researches Mary's life she has begun writing a play about her Lily comes to witness Mary's incredible bravery and startling originality, qualities that prove inspirational to Lily, whose own bravery is required as she attempts to navigate dysfunctional and destructive relationships with her young husband, her extended family and a legacy of abuse dating back to her childhood.

About the Author
Richard Bausch is the author of twelve novels, including In the Night Season, Hello to the Cannibals, and Before, During, After. He has also written eight collections of short stories, among them a Modern Library edition of selected stories, The Stories of Richard Bausch, and most recently, Something is Out There. In 2012, he won the prestigious Rea Award for the Short Story. Bausch teaches creative writing at Chapman University.