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Why I'm Like This

Why I'm Like This Cover

Why I'm Like This

True Stories

By Cynthia Kaplan

Harper Perennial, Paperback, 9780061283963, 212pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2007


Cynthia Kaplan takes us on a hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking journey through her unique, uncensored world--her bungled romantic encounters and unsung theatrical experiences; her gadget-obsessed father, her pill-popping therapist, and her eccentric grandmothers; her fearless husband, whom she engages in an ongoing battle over which of them is the most popular person in their apartment; and, of course, her vengeful, power-hungry one-year-old son.

Kaplan's voice is a lot like the one in our heads--the one that most of us are only willing to listen to late at night . . . maybe while locked in a closet. What a relief it is that someone finally admits that she is afraid of nearly everything; that she is jealous even of people whose lives are on the verge of collapse; and that she has, at times, tried to pass for a gentile.

Praise For Why I'm Like This

“Quick–witted, neatly written and unapologetically grandiose…in the spirit of Dorothy Parker…[Kaplan] renders weird and rowdy scenarios with style.”
-New York Times Book Review

“This is a charming collection of essays in the spirit of David Sedaris…”
-John Searles, The Early Show on CBS

“A fresh voice with a bright future.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Knee-slapping hilarious…Fans of David Sedaris or Anne Lamott will appreciate (Kaplan’s) quirky way of looking at life’s intricacies.”
-USA Today

“Funny, sweet, weirdly life-affirming and painfully true…”

“Cynthia Kaplan’s gift is her ability to take on life’s absurdities and come out a winner.”
-Debra Ginsberg, author of WAITING and RAISING BLAZE

“Kaplan consistently amuses while cutting surprisingly deep.”

“When Kaplan is funny, she’s very funny…Well worth reading.”
-New Orleans Times-Picayune

“One of downtown’s coolest actors . . . you’ll laugh until you can’t breathe.”
-Time Out New York

“Cynthia Kaplan is very funny. These piece are very, very funny.”
-Laura Zigman, author of Animal Husbandry and Her

“WHY I’M LIKE THIS is an impressive debut and Kaplan has a wonderfully natural comedic style.”
-Detroit Free Press

“WHY I’M LIKE THIS is a collection of personal essays that are as funny as they are poignant.”
-Paper Magazine