The Art of the Heist

The Art of the Heist Cover

The Art of the Heist

Confessions of a Master Thief

By Myles J. Connor, Jr.; Jenny Siler

Harper Paperbacks, Paperback, 9780061672293, 293pp.

Publication Date: September 7, 2010


There's a rush to it, an elevation of the senses. . . . It's a sweet feeling, one I ll never get tired of, not on my twentieth heist, or my fiftieth, or my hundredth.

Once a promising young rock musician, the son of a decorated policeman, Myles Connor became one of Boston's most notorious criminals a legendary art thief with irresistible charm and a genius IQ whose approach to his chosen profession mixed brilliant tactical planning with stunning bravado, brazen disguises, audaciously elaborate con jobs, and even the broad-daylight grab-and-dash. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, Boston's Museum of Fine Art . . .no museum was off-limits. The fact that he was in jail at the time of the largest art theft in American history the still-unsolved robbery of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum has not stopped the FBI from considering him a prime suspect. Optioned for film by the Oscar-winning screenwriter and director William Monahan (The Departed), The Art of the Heist is Connor's story part confession, part thrill ride, and impossible to put down.

Praise For The Art of the Heist

“From his daring 1965 jail break at age 22 to his legendary career pilfering treasures from museums all over New England, Connor’s life is the stuff of adventure novels.”
-Publishers Weekly (starred review)