Close Contact

Close Contact Cover

Close Contact

By Katherine Allred

Eos, Mass Market Paperbound, 9780061672439, 324pp.

Publication Date: June 8, 2010


GEPs just want to have fun . . .

A Genetically Engineered Person and self-proclaimed "party girl," Echo Adams loves her diplomatic job entertaining alien bigwigs for the Galactic Federation. But the Bureau of Alien Affairs has discovered she's much more than she thinks--that a rogue scientist endowed her with skills and psi abilities dwarfing those of common GEPs. And suddenly Echo's luxury life is over, replaced with a far more dangerous one: a special agent expected to not only chase bad guys but eliminate them.

Echo hates being stuck on Madrea--a planet of technophobes off limits to Federation visitors--hunting for a stolen quartz crystal with a powerful alien life form embedded inside. She despises the Bureau's restrictive rules--especially the one warning her away from the dangerously seductive commander of the king's army. And if she doesn't learn how to use her alleged super-psi powers soon, her partying days--in fact all of her days--will be over for good.

Praise For Close Contact

“A real gem of a book!”
-Romantic Times BOOKclub