The Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel Cover

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel

How to Arrive with Your Dignity, Sanity & Wallet Intact

By Scott McCartney

HarperBusiness, Paperback, 9780061688713, 302pp.

Publication Date: April 21, 2009


Imagine a world without late planes, missed connections, lost luggage, bumped passengers, cramped seating, high fees and higher fares, surly employees, and security lines. . . .

Ordinary travel is an extraordinary ordeal. Yet despite the high prices and huge hassles, travel is essential along with the need for tips, tricks, and techniques to improve the journey. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel is an entertaining road trip and a helpful guide, drawn from Scott McCartney's popular Middle Seat column, which explains why bad things happen to good travelers and what you can do to improve your lot. Expert advice and tips include:

How to get cheap fares, first-class upgrades, and better seats.

How to minimize chances of lost luggage and what to do when baggage doesn't show up.

How to avoid delays, get around TSA bottlenecks, and minimize the chances you'll get stuck at some distant airport and what to do if you do get stuck.

How to complain to an airline and get some attention, right down to what to ask for in compensation and how to get the government's attention.

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