Tide, Feather, Snow

Tide, Feather, Snow

A Life in Alaska

By Miranda Weiss

Harper Perennial, Paperback, 9780061710261, 275pp.

Publication Date: May 2010


An extreme landscape in both its beauty and challenges, Alaska is a place where know-how is currency and a novice's mistakes can be fatal. But it is a place for glorious reinvention--a refuge for those desperate to escape . . . and for those looking for something more.

Miranda Weiss, a young woman who grew up landlocked in a well-kept East Coast suburb, moved to Homer, Alaska, with her boyfriend, determined to make a place for herself in this unfamiliar country where the years are marked by seasons of fish, and where locals carry around the knowledge of tides, boats, and weather as ballast. In Tide, Feather, Snow, Weiss introduces readers to the memorable people and peculiar beauty of Alaska's vast landscape, as she takes us along on her remarkable personal journey of adventure, physical challenge, and culture clash.

About the Author
Miranda Weiss received her MFA from Columbia University. Raised in Maryland, she now lives in Homer, Alaska.

Praise For Tide, Feather, Snow

“Humbly sends its roots down into the soil of the Kenai Peninsula. . . . [Weiss] deftly spins her quiet narratives out of the smallest details and anecdotes, and spices them with the richness of texture seldom seen in non-fiction.”
-Krestia DeGeorge, Anchorage Press

“Tide, Feather, Snow is a lovely, feathery book indeed—a labor of love and a pleasure to read.”
-Edward Hoagland, author of Notes from the Century Before

Tide, Feather, Snow is about the resplendence and subtleties of coastal Alaska, and about one woman’s attempt to be fully present in them. Weiss serves as a skilled and poetic witness to a place undergoing incessant change.”
-Anthony Doerr, author of The Shell Collector