Don't Know Much about the Presidents

Don't Know Much about the Presidents Cover

Don't Know Much about the Presidents

By Kenneth C. Davis; Pedro Martin (Illustrator)

Collins Publishers, Paperback, 9780061718236, 63pp.

Publication Date: January 27, 2009


Forty-four presidents

One White House

And hundreds of grand facts about ourcountry's leaders

Which president was also a movie star? (see page 56)

What happened five days after the Union won the Civil War? (see page 28)

What food did Americans think was poisonous until Thomas Jefferson ate some? (see page 12)

Hail to the chief Here's your chance to learn all about the presidents important political achievements, their nicknames, hobbies even what kind of foods they ate. Bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis packs fun facts and cool quotes into his signature question-and-answer format. Who knows? After you learn so much about the presidents, maybe you will want to run for office someday, too

Praise For Don't Know Much about the Presidents

“Reading Davis is like returning to the classroom of the best teacher you ever had.”
-People Magazine

“A lighthearted look at the presidency and the men who have held the office.”
-School Library Journal