The Average American Marriage

The Average American Marriage Cover

The Average American Marriage

By Chad Kultgen

Harper Perennial, Paperback, 9780062119551, 243pp.

Publication Date: February 12, 2013


At last, the long-awaited sequel to The Average American Male—a new novel marking the return of Chad Kultgen's blithely and unforgettably raunchy narrator . . . now married with children.

Five years ago, Chad Kultgen's first novel, The Average American Male, was launched to a storm of controversy—fueled in part by a viral video campaign that garnered international media attention. To the prim and prudish, the novel—with its callous yet charismatically womanizing narrator—was an outrage. To a surprisingly broad array of readers, however, The Average American Male became a sensation.

In the years since, The Average American Male has become a cult classic, embraced by readers—including many women—who recognize the unflinching, uncomfortable truth behind Kultgen's satirical take on the world. Now, five years (and innumerable outrages) later, Kultgen's narrator is back. He still revels in objectifying women, killing time with video games, and stealing any remaining idle moments to pleasure himself. Now, however, the Average American Male must face life as a married man—an existence that resembles everything his readers will remember from The Average American Male. As his world collapses around him, Kultgen's uproarious narrator looks upon the institution of marriage with the same deadpan smirk he has brought to the rest of his sex-addled, perennially disaffected life.

As blithely outrageous as its precursor, The Average American Marriage takes satire to new depths of cockeyed depravity—while adding another chapter to Kultgen's unique take on the never-ending battle of the sexes.