The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead

The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead

6 New Rules to Reinvent Your Brand & Reignite Your Business

By Timothy R. Pearson

McGraw-Hill, Paperback, 9780071788229, 240pp.

Publication Date: August 2011


The "New York Times" and "USA Today" Bestseller

Reinvent your marketing to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace

A must-read for any business leader or marketer. It explains how brands must be true to their essence and be reinvented to remain relevant in this radically changed, information-rich, and Internet-oriented world.
Robert Hanson, President, Global Levi s(r) Brand, Levis Strauss & Co.

Pearson makes the clearest statement yet about the new world of marketing, as he makes the difficult and complex concepts of brands and reinvention understandable to everyone.
Bob Jeffrey, CEO, JWT

When it comes to global brands, Pearson has no peers. His understanding of how companies and enterprises that breakaway from their competitors and reinvent their businesses will inherit the next era of global commerce is revolutionary.
Michel Recalt, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

"The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead" presents a new reality: marketing must be reinvented if it is to remain relevant by placing a premium on business acumen, strategy and communications.
MaryLee Sachs, Chairman U.S., Hill & Knowlton

Pearson has distilled 27 years of business experience into a book that shows the old ways of marketing have been replaced by new more up-to-date approaches and concepts to reinvent businesses and brands and drive profitable sales.
Stephen G. Butler, retired Chairman / CEO, KPMG International / KPMG LLP

Tim Pearson's name is synonymous with strategy, value-proposition development, and marketing. From now on, it will be synonymous with reinvention and the new do or die rules of business.
Mark A. Emkes, retired Chairman, CEO and President, Bridgestone Americas

Every leader and company director must learn the fundamental rules and principles of reinvention that will bring marketing into the 21st century. Reinvention must be the byword for this post-Great Recession era and the changes it requires that will make companies and businesses of all sizes great.
R. David Hoover, Chairman, President and CEO, Ball Corporation

About the Book:

Revolutionary new technologies developed over the past decade have completely changed the way humans communicate and transact business. Not exactly late-breaking news for most people of the world . . . except for those who are supposed to be marketing to them. While consumers, customers, and marketplaces have adapted to these new realities, most marketers have not.

Renowned marketing expert Tim Pearson explains why you need to sever your ties to the comfortable old ways of marketing and bring your company's marketing into the twenty-first century.

Too many marketers still operate as if strategy necessarily depends upon predetermined budgets; advertising is the catch-all to every problem; and marketing results can t be measured. It all adds up to the age-old belief that marketing is an art, not a science which couldn t be further from the truth.

"The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead" is a road map for breaking out of old, established and increasingly ineffective routines and reinventing your organization's marketing by: Positioning marketing as a business partner not as a tool for meeting a strategic objective Holding marketing accountable for results with the application of hard data not vague qualitative measurements Providing leadership within your organization not following the direction of everyone else

From research frameworks and concept development to planning, budgeting, media placement, and program implementation, marketers have not kept up to the detriment of themselves and their companies. Completely revamping old-school marketing is the only way to drive profitable sales, create growing brands, and increase market share in today's post Great Recession business landscape.

Pearson calls for nothing short of a marketing revolution. You must throw out almost everything you hold dear and embrace technology, a new role in business, and real accountability. "The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead" has what you need to reinvent your products, your services and your future.

About the Author
Timothy R. Pearson has been awarded "Advertising Age"'s Best, Belding, Cables, Clio, Echo, Golden Phone, Lulu, Protos, PRSA, and Sunny awards, as well as "The Wall Street Journal"'s Best for his work. He served as president and CEO of Zyman Group and vice chair of marketing and communications for KPMG LLP. Pearson has been awarded interactive technology process patents in 18 countries and has developed leading-edge business and enterprise-wide solutions. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Nobel Peace Center and on the Harvard Business School's Dean's Research Society.