By Stefan Petrucha

Speak, Paperback, 9780142424186, 426pp.

Publication Date: April 4, 2013

Panic grips the city
There is a killer loose in New York City, and Carver Young is the only one who sees the startling connection between the recent string of murders and the most famous serial killer in history: Jack the Ripper. Time is winding down until the killer claims another victim, but Carver soon sees that, to The Ripper, this is all a game that he may be destined to lose.
Petrucha's story hits the ground running and doesn t let up Publisher's Weekly
A rollicking story full of cannot-put-it-down twists an turns. VOYA
A well-crafted romp through yesteryear's New York. Kirkus Reviews.

About the Author
Born in the Bronx, Stefan Petrucha spent his formative years moving between the big city and the suburbs, both of which made him prefer escapism. A fan of comic books, science fiction and horror since learning to read, in high school and college he added a love for all sorts of literary work, eventually learning that the very best fiction always brings you back to reality, so, really, there's no way out. He first came to prominence as the author of the best-selling X-Files comic book series, based on the TV show and has since written eighteen novels including Timetripper, The Shadow of Frankenstein, and The Rule of Won. His recent work includes, Paranormal State: My Journey Into the Unknown (co-authored with A&E star Ryan Buell), Split, Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid, and the upcoming Dead Mann Walking. He currently lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and fellow writer Sarah Kinney and their two daughters.

Praise For Ripper

“Petrucha’s story hits the ground running and doesn’t let up...”
--Publishers Weekly

Petrucha "provides both a well-crafted romp through yesteryear’s New York and an enticing companion for it."
--Kirkus Reviews