The Manual of Detection

The Manual of Detection

By Jedediah Berry

Penguin Books, Paperback, 9780143116516, 278pp.

Publication Date: January 26, 2010

"This debut novel weaves the kind of mannered fantasy that might result if Wes Anderson were to adapt Kafka." --"The New Yorker"
Reminiscent of imaginative fiction from Jorge Luis Borges to Jasper Fforde yet dazzlingly original, "The Manual of Detection" marks the debut of a prodigious young talent. Charles Unwin toils as a clerk at a huge, imperious detective agency located in an unnamed city always slick with rain. When Travis Sivart, the agency's most illustrious detective, is murdered, Unwin is suddenly promoted and must embark on an utterly bizarre quest for the missing investigator that leads him into the darkest corners of his soaking, somnolent city. What ensues is a noir fantasy of exquisite craftsmanship, as taut as it is mind- blowing, that draws readers into a dream world that will change what they think about how they think.

About the Author
Jedediah Berry was raised in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. His first novel, The Manual of Detection, was published by Penguin in 2009, and has since been widely translated. It won the Crawford Award for best first fantasy novel and the Hammett Prize for best crime novel. A BBC Radio adaptation premiered in early 2013.
His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Conjunctions, Fairy Tale Review, Chicago Review, Unstuck, PEN America, the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere. He teaches at the University of Massachusetts Amherst MFA Program for Poets & Writers, and serves as Roaming Editor of Small Beer Press.

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