Savage Girl

Savage Girl

By Jean Zimmerman

Penguin Books, Paperback, 9780143126928, 416pp.

Publication Date: April 28, 2015

An over-the-top romp through 1870s America . . . compulsively readable.
Jean Zimmerman's spectacular follow-up to "The Orphanmaster "has it all: Gilded Age romance, robber baron excess, detective story suspense, and a compelling female protagonist whom readers will fall in love with.
In 1875, the Delegates, an outlandishly wealthy Manhattan couple on a tour of the American West, seek out a sideshow attraction called Savage Girl. Her handlers avow that the wild, seemingly mute Bronwyn has been raised by wolves. Presented with the perfect blank slate to explore the power of civilized nurture, the Delegates take her back east to be introduced into high society. Cleaned up, Bronwyn is blazingly smart and darkly beautiful; as she takes steps toward her grand debut, a series of suitors find her irresistible and begin to turn up murdered.

About the Author
Jean Zimmerman is the author offourprevious books, including The Women of the House: How a Colonial She-Merchant Built a Mansion, a Fortune and a Dynasty. Sheearned an MFA in writing from the Columbia University School of the Arts and has published her poetry widely in literary magazines. She lives with her family in Westchester County, New York.