I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow Cover

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow

By Jonathan Goldstein

Pintail, Paperback, 9780143187516, 233pp.

Publication Date: May 28, 2013

Jonathan Goldstein worries. A lot.
A year before his fortieth birthday, and Jonathan isn t where he thinks he should be. With no wife, no kids, no car, and no house not even a houseboat what does he have?
Through a series of wonderfully funny stories, Jonathan recounts the highs and lows of his last year in his thirties, weighing in on topics such as the mysterious McRib, whether an automatic hand dryer can tell if you have a soul, and the underestimated power of a toy poodle. Filled with Jonathan's trademark wit, "I ll Seize the Day Tomorrow "is the tale of one man's journey to find some great truth on his road to forty . . . or maybe not.

About the Author
Jonathan Goldstein s writing has appeared in "The New York Times Magazine," "GQ," and "The National Post." He is a regular contributor to Public Radio International s "This American Life "and is the author of "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible! "and "Lenny Bruce Is Dead." His radio show, "WireTap," is now in its ninth season."