The Analects

The Analects Cover

The Analects

By Confucius; Raymond Dawson (Translator)

Oxford University Press, USA, Paperback, 9780199540617, 110pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2008

Few individuals have shaped their country's civilization more profoundly than the Master Kong, better-known as Confucius (551-479 BC). His sayings and those of his disciples form the foundation of a distinct social, ethical, and intellectual system. They have retained their freshness and vigor throughout the two and a half millennia of their currency, and are still admired even in today's China.
This lively new translation offers clear explanatory notes by one of the foremost scholars of classical Chinese, providing an ideal introduction to the Analects for readers who have no previous knowledge of the Chinese language and philosophical traditions.
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About the Author
<P>Burton Watson has taught at Columbia, Stanford, and Kyoto Universities and is one of the world's best-known translators of Chinese and Japanese works. His translations include <I>The Tales of the Heike</I>; <I>The Lotus Sutra</I>; the writings of Zhuangzi, Mozi, Xunzi, and Han Feizi; <I>The Columbia Book of Chinese Poetry</I>; and <I>Records of the Grand Historian</I>.</P>

The late Raymond Dawson was Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford and author of a number of publications on China, including Confucius and the OWC edition of Confucius' analects.
K. E. Brashier is Associate Professor of Religion and Humanities at Reed College.