Rethinking Humanitarian Interv-Ppr

Rethinking Humanitarian Interv-Ppr Cover

Rethinking Humanitarian Interv-Ppr

By Brian D. Lepard

Penn State University Press, Paperback, 9780271023137, 520pp.

Publication Date: February 25, 2003


Few foreign policy issues in the past decade have elicited as much controversy as the use of military force for humanitarian purposes. In this book Brian Lepard offers a new method for analyzing humanitarian intervention that seeks to resolve conflicts among legal norms by identifying ethical principles embedded in the UN Charter and international law and relating them to a pivotal principle of "unity in diversity."

A special feature of the book, which avoids the charge of ethnocentricity brought against other approaches, is that Lepard shows how passages from the revered texts of seven world religions may be interpreted as supporting these ethical principles. In connecting law with ethics and religion in this way, he takes a major step forward in the effort to formulate a normative basis for international law in our multicultural world.

About the Author
Brian D. Lepard is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Nebraska.