Joseph Brodsky

Joseph Brodsky Cover

Joseph Brodsky

A Literary Life

By Lev Loseff; Jane Ann Miller (Translator)

Yale University Press, Paperback, 9780300181609, 333pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2012

About the Author
Lev Loseff is a poet and a Professor of Russian Literature at Dartmouth College.
Valentina Polukhina is Professor of Russian Literature at Keel University, England.

Praise For Joseph Brodsky

Praise for Joseph Brodsky: A Life (Russian edition):

“The best single literary biography of the writer yet to have appeared in any language.”—Times Literary Supplement

"…[a] warm and appreciative study."—Derek Mahon, Literary Review
-Derek Mahon

"A delightful literary biography. . . . This work is a pleasure, and it sheds light on unexpected details about the poet."—D. Hutchins, CHOICE
-D. Hutchins
-Andrei Zorin
-Jane Taubman

''Witty, urbane, engaging. . . . Lev Loseff, an important Russian poet in his own right, provides a wealth of new, important information. A magnificent contribution.”—David M. Bethea, University of Wisconsin-Madison
-David M. Bethea

"The author of Joseph Brodsky: A Literary Life has accomplished the feat of discussing a poet’s work persuasively in a language other than his own, and allowed us to glimpse the unique brilliance of the originals."—Carol Rumens, The Independent
-Carol Rumens

“Joseph Brodsky: A Literary life handles the life with intelligence and tact, while its treatment of Brodsky’s art and mind will remain of permanent value.”—Andrew Kahn, Times Literary Supplement
-Andrew Kahn

“Lev Loseff’s Joseph Brodsky is partly a biography of the Nobel-Prize winning poet (though Loseff denies that biography was his intention) as well as a critical study and a memoir. It’s valuable on all three counts….Joseph Brodsky is a pleasure to read.”—Mark Jay Mirsky, Hareetz (English)
-Mark Jay Mirsky

“….indispensable….”—Stephan Delbos, The Prague Post
-Stephan Delbos

"Loseff ’s book is less the story of Brodsky’s life than an account of the growth of the poet’s mind, the kind of book that is rarely written in English now, as it falls between the monograph and biography."—Justin Quinn, Edinburgh Review
-Justin Quinn