The Terra Cotta Army

The Terra Cotta Army Cover

The Terra Cotta Army

China's First Emperor and the Birth of a Nation

By John Man

Da Capo Press, Hardcover, 9780306817441, 304pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2008


The incredible story of the discovery of China’s greatest archaeological treasure, and the history behind the mysterious terra cotta warriors and the emperor who made them.

Praise For The Terra Cotta Army

Roanoke Times 5/11/0
“If you can’t make it to China anytime soon to see the warriors, do the next best thing: Grab a warm cup of tea, sink into your favorite reading spot and open The Terra Cotta Army to the preface. And begin.”

Library Journal, 6/15/08
“Brilliant and utterly readable…Reads much like an adventure story that offers fine access to this highly detailed subject.” 

Houston Chronicle China book roundup
“Provides essential background reading...Man is a genial guide…learned but not dry.”

Toronto Globe and Mail, 7/19/08
“[Man’s] travel journalism evocatively describes the terra cotta warriors as artifacts, and appropriately overwhelms us with their scale…Man’s prose attains precision and genuine awe.”

Charleston Post & Courier
“[Man] uses his skills as a travel writer to set the scene and fill it with vignettes...The folk stories and humorous incidents that salt the text prevent the dust of history from obscuring the glory of the story.”

Roanoke Times, 8/18/08
“[An] engaging foray into Chinese history.”

Joy Hog, 8/18/08
“If the tiny tidbits designed for the ADD crowd on NBC merely wet your palette for more, The Great Wall is a good place to start.”

Tucson Citizen, 8/21/08
“A fascinating history.”

The Tucson Citizen, 8/21/08
“A highly readable account.”

Acadiana LifeStyle, September 2008
“[A] fascinating book…If you plan to go [to the traveling exhibit], buy this book first.” 

American Author’s Association website
exciting an accounting of history as it gets!...John Man has a way of making history seem like a novel…Go buy a copy!”

Sun Lakes Splash
“A vivid account of the roots that formed the unique culture of China.”

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