Dancing with Joy

Dancing with Joy Cover

Dancing with Joy

99 Poems

By Roger Housden (Editor)

Harmony, Hardcover, 9780307341952, 206pp.

Publication Date: March 13, 2007

In his collection "Risking Everything," Housden addressed love's many aspects. Now, in "Dancing with Joy," he assembles 99 poems from 69 poets that celebrate the many colors of joy. Anything can be a catalyst for joy, these poems reveal.
For Wislawa Szymborska, the catalyst is a dream; for Robert Bly, being in the company of his ten-year-old son; for Gerald Stern, it is a grapefruit at breakfast; for Billy Collins, a cigarette. "Dancing with Joy" includes English and Italian classical and romantic works; early Chinese and Persian verse; and poets from Chile, France, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and India, plus a range of contemporary American and English poets.
Whether inspiration is what you need, or an affirmation of what is already joyful in life, "Dancing with Joy" is a welcome treat for Housden's numerous fans, as well as anyone looking for sheer happiness, marvelously expressed.

About the Author
ROGER HOUSDEN is the author of 17 books on cultural and creative themes, including Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living and the bestselling Ten Poems series. You can reach him at tenpoems@gmail.com.