Indian Givers

Indian Givers Cover

Indian Givers

How Native Americans Transformed the World

By Jack Weatherford

Three Rivers Press (CA), Paperback, 9780307717153, 351pp.

Publication Date: August 3, 2010


"As entertaining as it is thoughtful....Few contemporary writers have Weatherford's talent for making the deep sweep of history seem vital and immediate."
After 500 years, the world's huge debt to the wisdom of the Indians of the Americas has finally been explored in all its vivid drama by anthropologist Jack Weatherford. He traces the crucial contributions made by the Indians to our federal system of government, our democratic institutions, modern medicine, agriculture, architecture, and ecology, and in this astonishing, ground-breaking book takes a giant step toward recovering a true American history.

About the Author
JACK WEATHERFORDis the"New York Times"bestsellingauthor of"Genghis Khan and the Making ofthe Modern World;Indian Givers: Howthe Indians of the AmericasTransformed the World;The Secret History of the Mongol Queens"; and"The History of Money," among other acclaimedbooks. A specialist in tribal peoples, he was for manyyears a professor of anthropology at Macalaster College in Minnesota anddivides his time between the USand Mongolia."