The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book

The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book

Singin', Praisin', Raisin'

By Joyce Green (Editor); Casi Best (Editor); Foxfire Students (Editor)

Anchor Books, Paperback, 9780307742599, 508pp.

Publication Date: August 30, 2011

For almost half a century, Foxfire has brought the philosophy of simple living to hundreds of thousands of readers, teaching creative self-sufficiency and preserving the stories, crafts, and customs of Appalachia. Inspiring and practical, this classic series has become an American institution.
"The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book" continues the beloved tradition of celebrating a simpler life, this time with a focus on Appalachian music, folk legends, and a history full of outsized personalities. We hear the encouraging life stories of banjo players, gospel singers, and bluegrass musicians who reminisce about their first time playing at the Grand Ole Opry; we shiver at the spine-tingling collection of tall tales, from ghosts born of long-ago crimes to rumors of giant catfish that lurk at the bottom of lakes and quarries; we recollect the Farm Family Program that sustained and educated Appalachian families for almost fifty years, through the Depression and beyond; and we learn the time-honored skills of those who came before, from building a sled to planting azaleas and braiding a leather bull-whip. Full of spirited narrative accounts and enduring knowledge, "The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book "is a piece of living history from a fascinating American culture.

About the Author
Joyce Green is associate professor of political science at the University of Regina. Green s work focuses on the politics of decolonization in Canada; on identity, human rights and citizenship; and on the way in which sexism, racism and race privilege is encoded in Canadian political culture. She is is of English, Ktunaxa and Cree-Scots Metis descent.