Hungry for God

Hungry for God Cover

Hungry for God

Hearing God's Voice in the Ordinary and the Everyday

By Margaret Feinberg

Zondervan, Paperback, 9780310332077, 188pp.

Publication Date: May 28, 2011

In your heart you feel the longing an emptiness that can t be satisfied by food, or friendships, or entertainment, or success, or anything this world can offer. Only God can fill the void. More than you know, you hunger for God. In Hungry for God, critically acclaimed author Margaret Feinberg puts you in touch with your desire for intimacy with your Creator and what it takes to find fulfillment. Feinberg writes, The sound of his voice is spiritual nourishment, his voice a banquet for my soul every syllable a tasty morsel, every expression flavored with love. With rare insight into the Scriptures, human nature, and the heart of God, Feinberg invites you to discover the ways in which God speaks to you not from the top of some holy mountain, but in the midst of your everyday affairs. Learning to hear God's voice isn t as much a destination as it is a journey, and if you travel far enough, you ll find yourself abiding in the presence of God. Passionate, honest, and filled with wisdom and inspiration, Hungry for God will help you cultivate the holy intimacy your spirit craves.

About the Author
Margaret Feinberg is a popular Bible teacher and speaker at churches and leading conferences such as Catalyst, Thrive, and Women of Joy. She was recently named one of 50 women most shaping culture and the church today by Christianity Today. Her books, including The Organic God, The Sacred Echo, and Scouting the Divine sold nearly a million copies. Margaret lives in Morrison, Colorado, with her husband, Leif, and their super pup, Hershey.