Hunt the Scorpion

Hunt the Scorpion Cover

Hunt the Scorpion

By Don Mann; Ralph Pezzullo

Mulholland Books, Hardcover, 9780316209601, 324pp.

Publication Date: February 19, 2013


Thomas Crocker and SEAL Team Six are back for another adrenaline packed adventure from former SEAL commando Don Mann.

When a nuclear device goes missing, and surfaces in the clutches of known terrorists, the United States calls on its most prized anti-terrorism force: Navy SEAL Team Six . Thomas Crocker and his squad from HUNT THE WOLF are called into action, protecting the world from terrorist threats.

With the same real life insight and pulse pounding action he brought to INSIDE SEAL TEAM SIX and HUNT THE WOLF, Don Mann takes readers inside the most elite combat unit on the planet and on an action-packed ride that is sure to appeal to fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.

About the Author
Don Mann, CWO3, USN, has for thirty years been associated with the Navy SEALS either as a platoon member, assault team member, boat crew leader, or advanced training officer, and more recently as a program director preparing civilians to go to BUD/s (SEAL Training). Up until 1998 he was on active duty with SEAL Team Six. Since his retirement, he has deployed to the Middle East on numerous occasions in support of the war against terrorism. Many of the active duty SEALs on SEAL Team Six are the same guys he trained. He has suffered two broken backs, two cases of high altitude pulmonary edema, and multiple other broken bones, in training or service. He has been captured twice during operations and lived to talk about it.

Ralph Pezzullo is a "New York Times" bestselling author and award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and journalist.

Praise For Hunt the Scorpion

"Reads like a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child -- fast and clean. But there's more military structure, more politics and lots of action. HOOAH!" -- Myles Knapp, The San Jose Mercury News