The Story of Things

The Story of Things

From the Stone Age to the Modern Age in 10 Pop-Up Spreads

By Neal Layton; Corina Fletcher (Designed by)

Hodder & Stoughton, Hardcover, 9780340945322, 22pp.

Publication Date: June 2012

An exploration ofideas, inventions, and discoveries from the Stone Age to the modern age in10 inventive pop-up spreadsStarting with early humans who have no things, through to farming, civilizations, inventions, steam, electricity, computers, and the world we live in now, this ingenious novelty book tracing the development of human artifacts and ideas is sure to spark childrens' imaginations.It is packedwith energetic illustrations, quirky humor, and information. From ancient civilizations to Michelangelo, Isaac Newtonto steam power, to modern technology the ideas are made accessible for the very youngwith pop-ups, flaps, and tabs on every spread.

About the Author
Neal Layton was born in Chichester, England. He is the illustrator of many wonderful books for children, including "Smile If You're Human", by Michael Rosen, about which "Booklist "said: "Layton's zany cartoon illustrations set this tale apart from the average picture book."

Corina Fletcher is a designer who specializes in pop-up books and paper engineering. Her recent work includes the pop-up edition of Guess How Much I Love You.

Praise For The Story of Things

"It's a nice introduction to all the big questions: where do we come from? Where are we going? And why did fish grow legs?"  —The Observer

"This is an extraordinary book . . . funny brilliant and endlessly fascinating."  —Books for Children

"It's fabulous."  —The Telegraph

"A masterful balance of humor, information, and interactive fun."  —Publishers Weekly