The Remembering

The Remembering Cover

The Remembering

By Steve Cash

Del Rey Books, Paperback, 9780345470942, 281pp.

Publication Date: February 22, 2011


For thousands of years the Meq have existed side by side with humanity appearing as twelve-year-old children, unsusceptible to wounds and disease, dying only by extraordinary means. They have survived through the rise and fall of empires and emperors, through explorations, expansions, and war. Five sacred stones give a few of them mystical powers, but not the power to understand a long-destined event called the Remembering.
In the aftermath of the nuclear bombing of Japan in 1945, Zianno Zezen finds himself alone, while the fate of the other Meq and his beloved Opari, carrier of the Stone of Blood, is unknown. But Z's archenemy, the Fleur-du-Mal, survives. In the next half century Z will reunite with far-flung friends both Meq and human, as American and Soviet spies vie to steal and harness the powers and mysteries of the timeless children. With the day of the Remembering rapidly approaching, Z must interpret the strange writing on an ancient etched stone sphere. In those markings, Z will discover messages within messages and begin a journey to the truth about his people and himself.
Lyrical and mesmerizing, "The Remembering" spans the world and history, from the first humans to a secret that has never been told before. "The Remembering "is the moving saga of the Meq their purpose, past, and future among us.

Praise For The Remembering

Praise for Steve Cash’s The Meq
“Vivid personages, a startling premise richly elaborated, and . . . derring-do and dastardly schemes.”—The Washington Post Book World
“An absorbing [and] intriguing saga.”—The San Diego Union-Tribune
“Mesmerizing.”—The New York Times