The Book of Skulls

The Book of Skulls

By Robert Silverberg

Del Rey Books, Paperback, 9780345471383, 232pp.

Publication Date: January 31, 2006

Seeking the immortality promised in an ancient manuscript, The Book of Skulls, four friends, college roommates, go on a spring break trip to Arizona: Eli, the scholar, who found and translated the book; Timothy, scion of an American dynasty, born and bred to lead; Ned, poet and cynic; and Oliver, the brilliant farm boy obsessed with death.
Somewhere in the desert lies the House of Skulls, where a mystic brotherhood guards the secret of eternal life. There, the four aspirants will present themselves and a horrific price will be demanded.
For immortality requires sacrifice. Two victims to balance two survivors. One by suicide, one by murder.
Now, beneath the gaze of grinning skulls, the terror begins. . . .

About the Author
Philip Wylie (1902-71) is the author of "Gladiator" and the coauthor of "When Worlds Collide," both available in Bison Books editions. Acclaimed science-fiction writer Robert Silverberg is the recipient of many awards, including the prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards, and the Grand Master designation from the Science Fiction Writers of America, the highest science-fiction honor available. He is the author of "Lord Valentine's Castle,"

Praise For The Book of Skulls

“[This] is Robert Silverberg at his very best, and when [he’s] at his best, no one is better.”
–George R.R. Martin

“This is, simply put, one of my favorite nightmare novels.”
–Harlan Ellison, author of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

“Flawlessly written . . . as close to poetic beauty as any contemporary science fiction novel I’ve ever read.”
–James Blish, Hugo Award—winning author of A Case of Conscience

“The Book of Skulls is a revelation–it was a masterpiece when I first read it, and remains a masterpiece to this day.”
–Greg Bear, New York Times bestselling author of Darwin’s Radio

“Silverberg is a master writer in any genre–and now you’re going to find out why they call them ‘thrillers.’ ”
–John Shirley, author of Demons

“Where Silverberg goes today, science fiction will follow tomorrow.”
–Isaac Asimov