Forever a Hustler's Wife

Forever a Hustler's Wife Cover

Forever a Hustler's Wife

By Nikki Turner

One World, Paperback, 9780345493859, 266pp.

Publication Date: April 10, 2007

The high priestess of the hood, Nikki Turner, is back with the novel fans have been feenin for: the sequel to her #1 bestselling novel, A Hustler's Wife.
Des, Virginia's slickest gangsta, is about to become a dad when he is charged with the murder of his own attorney. But with Yarni, his gorgeous wife (and a brilliant lawyer), now calling the shots, Des isn t going back to the slammer without a fierce fight. Even with the heat on, Des manages to take his game to the next level and finds a new hustle, one that will allow him to possess the three things all major players desire: money, power, and respect. He becomes a preacher. Reluctantly, Yarni stands by her man as he trades in his triple beam scale for a Bible and a Bentley and makes his Church of the Good Life Ministry a welcoming place for all sinners to step up to the altar.
But when Des's nephew is killed in the high-stakes heroin trade and Des learns that someone close to him okayed the hit, the dyed-in-the-wool gangsta sets aside the Bible for the gospel of the streets even if it means risking the one person who's always had his back.

About the Author
Forever a Hustler s Wife is one of the most-anticipated sequels of this century. Nikki Turner has once again taken street literature to the next level, further proving that she is indeed The Queen of Hip Hop Fiction. Zane Always surprising, Nikki Turner s prose moves like a Porsche, switching gears from tender to vicious in an instant. 50 Cent"