The Iron Palace

The Iron Palace Cover

The Iron Palace

The Shadowed Path: Book 3

By Morgan Howell

Del Rey Books, Mass Market Paperbound, 9780345503985, 448pp.

Publication Date: December 28, 2010

Seventeen years have passed since Yim, an ex-slave blessed by the benevolent goddess Karm, sacrificed her body and perhaps her very soul to Lord Bahl, avatar of the evil Devourer. In that selfless act, Yim stripped Lord Bahl of his power but became pregnant with his son. Now that son, Froan, is a young man. And though Yim has raised him in the remote Grey Fens and kept him ignorant of his past, the taint of the Devourer is in his blood.
Even now an eldritch call goes out and the slumbering shadow stirs in Froan's blood, calling to him in a voice that cannot be denied. Armed with a dark magic he barely understands, Froan sets out to claim his destiny. When Yim seeks to stop him, her sole hope is that Honus the love she abandoned will take up the sword again for Karm's sake and hers. Only then can she hope to face the impregnable bastion of unspeakable evil: the Iron Palace.

About the Author
Morgan Howell is the author of "Candle in the Storm" and "A Woman Worth Ten Coppers, " the first two books in the Shadowed Path trilogy, as well as the Queen of the Orcs trilogy: "King s Property, Clan Daughter, " and "Royal Destiny." A graduate of Oberlin College and the Rochester Institute of Technology, Howell lives in upstate New York."