The Devious Book for Cats

The Devious Book for Cats

A Parody

By Fluffy; Bonkers; Joe Garden

Villard Books, Hardcover, 9780345508492, 213pp.

Publication Date: October 28, 2008

Cats have nine lives. Shouldn't they be lived to the fullest?
"Domesticated" does not mean "docile." The ho-hum routine of sleep, eat, eat, and sleep is no way for any creature who ruled Egypt for a millennium to spend her day. It's high time felines everywhere woke up from their cat naps and grabbed life's strings with both paws.
The Devious Book for Cats offers today's discerning kitties words of wisdom and advice on everything they need to know, from in-depth guides on cardboard boxes and catnip to a brief history of the Felinism movement. It provides fail-safe tips on waking a human when you want to get fed, choosing the purr-fect gift, staring like a pro, and making the most of superstitions. It also explains the undeniable allure of the Window, the terrifying specter of the Vacuum, and how you can groom properly in just the scant twenty-four hours allotted each day.
Cats: Discover the devious fun you can have when you're the one in charge.

About the Author

Joe Garden's story of being plucked from the obscurity of a Madison liquor store and thrust into the obscurity of byline-free satire writing has become legend. He has been a writer for The Onion for ten years.