Life! By Design

Life! By Design

6 Steps to an Extraordinary You

By Tom Ferry; Laura Morton

Ballantine Books, Hardcover, 9780345520647, 240pp.

Publication Date: May 4, 2010


Are you one of the 123 million people in this world who is dissatisfied in your life? Do you run day-to-day on autopilot? Have you settled for “good enough”? Are risks just too risky? Are you living in a coma and don’t even know it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are living by default and not By Design! This book will help you discover a passion for life that extends beyond your career and material success—a passion that involves your identity, your self-worth, your relationships, and your health. It is time to emerge from your coma, embrace renewed vitality, and approach life By Design!

In this dynamic hands-on guide, world-class success coach and motivational leader Tom Ferry reveals the secrets to achievement at work and at home, and how to create a greater balance between the two. This book will help you conquer the four addictions that are holding you back from living up to your greatest potential: addiction to the opinions of others, addiction to drama, addiction to the past, and addiction to worry. By becoming aware of these addictions, you will be better equipped to respond to uncertain times and to the challenges that crop up in your daily life.

Tom Ferry’s unique six-step approach to living By Design will help you emerge from complacency into action and accomplishment.  
Step 1: Explore the Core Seven life assessments—your career, your intimate relationships, your finances, your physical body, your spirituality, your attitude about the world, and your intellectual self—and pinpoint the areas in which you want to improve.

Step 2: Make the conscious, deliberate choice to change your life and find fulfillment, no matter the obstacles.

Step 3: Create your Life! By Design by declaring what you want for yourself, defining your goals, and devising a concrete plan to make it happen.

Step 4: Identify the actions you can take to ensure that you thrive in all areas of your life.

Step 5: Visualize your life as you want it to be. This simple but profound exercise is a proven technique that will lock in your vision and will lead you toward achieving your goals.

Step 6: Create accountability and structure to break old habits and gain the discipline required to live life to your fullest potential.
It’s time to draw the line between the past and the present as you face your fears, and go for everything you really want. This is Life! By Design. And the results will astound you!

About the Author

Tom Ferry is a business coach and life-strategist with a particular emphasis on real estate and related industries. He is also CEO of YourCoach, a multimillion-dollar full-service sales and marketing business. He leads more than two hundred business motivation seminars per year across the United States, whereby he introduces fifty thousand new people a year to his message.
Laura Morton has co-authored numerous New York Times bestsellers, working with the Jonas Brothers, Duane “Dog” Chapman, and Melissa Etheridge, among many others.

Praise For Life! By Design

“Tom Ferry not only inspires you, he actually shows you how to begin the journey of creation toward your personal and professional dreams.”—Deepak Chopra
“Tom Ferry’s System is truly where it’s at! Tom understands how to help you lead your life By Design!”—Tony Robbins
“Tom Ferry is one of the most respected personal and business speakers and trainers in America today. I have known Tom and worked with him for twenty years, and watched him grow into one of the top authorities on success and achievement in the industry. He conducts seminars and talks for thousands of professional salespeople and managers. This book will have an immediate and growing audience as more and more people benefit from his wisdom, experience, and insights.”—Brian Tracy, speaker, trainer, author
 “If books could be mandated, I would mandate that you read this one to learn about the four addictions and how they are stopping you from living the life you deserve!”—Mark Victor Hanson, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series
“I’ve never encountered anyone who lives their life by design as much as Tom Ferry does. When it comes to coaching, Tom Ferry is an artist. His canvas is people’s minds, and his paintbrush is his insight into human behavior.”—Gino Blefar, founder, president, and CEO, Intero Real Estate Services