The Oracle Rebounds

The Oracle Rebounds

By Allison Van Diepen

Harlequin, Paperback, 9780373210213, 203pp.

Publication Date: October 26, 2010

As the "oracle of dating," Kayla is supposed to have all the answers about love and relationships. She's supposed to "have" the perfect relationship. But now that Jared is "taking a step back," Kayla feels like a total fraud.
So the expert on dating starts taking her own rebound adviceand some from her friendsand stops moping around. Yeah, there are other possibilities out thereincluding the beyond-cute French foreign exchange student she's showing around town.
But when controversy erupts about the Oracle's advice, Kayla is sent reeling once again. Will anything work out for her this year? Yet when her friends start seriously needing the Oracle, Kayla begins to focus on what really matters: Viv, Sharese, Amy and Ryan, her true-blue buds. And suddenly, everything starts making sense again.

About the Author
Allison van Diepen is the author of Street Pharm, Snitch, Takedown, On the Edge, and other novels for teens. Her books have been named ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers and NYPL Books for the Teen Age. She lives with her family in Ottawa, Canada, where she also teaches high school.