The Crystal World

The Crystal World Cover

The Crystal World

By J. G. Ballard

Farrar Straus Giroux, Paperback, 9780374520960, 224pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 1988


J. G. Ballard's fourth novel, which established his reputation as a writer of extraordinary talent and imaginative powers, tells the story of a physician specializing in the treatment of leprosy who is invited to a small outpost in the interior of Africa. Finding the roadways blocked, he takes to the river, and embarks on a frightening journey through a strange petrified forest whose area expands daily, affecting not only the physical environment but also its inhabitants.

About the Author
J.G. Ballard is the author of numerous books, including "Empire of the Sun," the underground classic "Crash," and "The Kindness of Women." He is revered as one of the most important writers of fiction to address the consequences of twentieth-century technology. His latest book is "Super-Cannes." He lives in England.