Fellow Travelers

Fellow Travelers Cover

Fellow Travelers

By Thomas Mallon

Pantheon, Hardcover, 9780375423482, 368pp.

Publication Date: April 24, 2007


From the highly acclaimed author of Bandbox and Dewey Defeats Truman–a searing new historical novel about the competing claims of faith, love, and politics during the McCarthy era.

Washington, D.C., in the early 1950s: a world of bare-knuckled ideology, hard drinking, and secret dossiers, dominated by such outsized characters as Richard Nixon, Drew Pearson, Perle Mesta, and Joe McCarthy. Into this fevered city steps Timothy Laughlin, a recent Fordham graduate and devout Catholic eager to join the crusade against Communism. A chance encounter with a handsome, profligate State Department official, Hawkins Fuller, leads to Tim’s first job in D.C. and–after Fuller’s advances–his first love affair. Now, as McCarthy mounts an increasingly desperate bid for power and internal investigations focus on “sexual subversives” in the government, Tim and Fuller find it ever more dangerous to navigate their double lives. Drawn into a maelstrom of deceit and intrigue, and clinging to the friendship of a beautiful young woman named Mary Johnson, Tim struggles to reconcile his political convictions, his love for God, and his love for Fuller–an entanglement that will end in a stunning act of betrayal.

Moving between the Senate Office Building and the Washington Evening Star, the diplomatic world of Foggy Bottom and NATO’s front line in Europe, Fellow Travelers is energized by high political drama, unexpected humor, and genuine heartbreak. It is Thomas Mallon’s most accomplished and daring novel to date.

About the Author
Thomas Mallon is the author of seven novels, including Bandbox," Henry and Clara, "and" Dewey Defeats Truman." Among his nonfiction books are studies of diaries ("A Book of One's Own"), plagiarism ("Stolen Words"), and the Kennedy assassination ("Mrs. Paine's Garage"). A frequent contributor to" The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly," and other publications, he lives in Washington, D.C.

Praise For Fellow Travelers

Praise for Thomas Mallon’s Fiction:

“One of the best-written, most fully imagined, most linguistically perfect novels published in recent years… A generous tour de force.”
–Kaye Gibbons, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Two Moons
“Wicked humor and deep insight… A novel that abounds in rewards.”
–Frederick Busch, The New York Times Book Review

Dewey Defeats Truman
”A warm, touching, and richly textured novel; a classic American movie filmed in glorious prose deluxe.”
Entertainment Weekly

Henry and Clara
“Amazing…[Mallon is] one of the most interesting American novelists at work.”
–John Updike, The New Yorker

Aurora 7
“Vast with insight, charming and provocative.”
The Washington Post

Arts and Sciences
“Light, vivacious, and very winning.”
–Lionel Abel, The Wall Street Journal