The Popes Against the Jews

The Popes Against the Jews Cover

The Popes Against the Jews

The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism

By David I. Kertzer

Vintage Books USA, Paperback, 9780375706059, 355pp.

Publication Date: September 24, 2002

In this meticulously researched, unflinching, and reasoned study, National Book Award finalist David I. Kertzer presents shocking revelations about the role played by the Vatican in the development of modern anti-Semitism. Working in long-sealed Vatican archives, Kertzer unearths startling evidence to undermine the Church's argument that it played no direct role in the spread of modern anti-Semitism. In doing so, he challenges the Vatican's recent official statement on the subject, "We Remember." Kertzer tells an unsettling story that has stirred up controversy around the world and sheds a much-needed light on the past.

About the Author
David Kertzer is Professor of Social Science, and Professor of Anthropology and History, Brown University. He was National Book Award Finalist for The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, and is the author of Politics and Symbols (1996), Sacrificed for Honor (1993), Ritual Politics and Power (1988), Comrades and Christians (1980), and several other books. Among his recent edited books are Anthropological Demography (with Tom Fricke, 1997) and Aging the Past (with Peter Laslett (1995).

Praise For The Popes Against the Jews

“Important. . . . Fascinating. . . . [A] riveting piece of historical detective work.” --The New York Times

“Scrupulous....Significant and compelling.” —The Washington Post

“The material is dynamite.” --The Times (London)

Popes Against the Jews . . . demolishes the findings of We Remember.” --The Boston Globe

“This reviewer is grateful to Kertzer for having written such a compelling narrative. His thesis is shocking and disturbing. . . . An important book.” --The Irish Times

“Riveting.” -- Globe & Mail (Toronto)

“Kertzer [has the] extraordinary ability to present the most painful, religiously radioactive material with a coolness that makes his findings . . . devastating. . . . Its superb, meticulous scholarship is a benchmark by which other books on the subject must now be judged.” The Forward

“A profoundly well-documented book. . . . It is a work of brilliant narrative quality, an oppressive, unremitting and enraging report on what may be the most lethal period of official and quasi-official Catholic anti-Semitism.” --Providence Journal