The Natural Way: Over 250 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Menopause

By Nina Shandler

Villard, Paperback, 9780375751417, 336pp.

Publication Date: April 28, 1998


Women need estrogen, but estrogen levels diminish with age. In the short term, estrogen's departure leaves most women in a frequently overheated, uncomfortable state. In the long term, its exodus places their hearts, bones, and brains in harm's way. And conventional hormone replacement therapy, with its potentially distressing side effects and increased risk of breast cancer, doesn't provide a reassuring rescue. Faced with every menopausal woman's frightening estrogen dilemma, Nina Shandler discovered exciting news: Some foods contain estrogen. She headed straight for the kitchen and created this easy-to-swallow alternative. Part eating program, part cookbook, Estrogen: The Nat-ural Way shows women how to make fast, fun food using nature's estrogenic ingredients. From breakfast bars to soups, from main courses to desserts, Estrogen: The Natural Way provides a gentle yet effective version of estrogen replacement therapy.

About the Author

Nina Shandler has written about diet and health for more than twenty years and has published several cookbooks. She lives in western Massachusetts with her husband, Michael. They have two daughters.