Anatomy Coloring Workbook

Anatomy Coloring Workbook Cover

Anatomy Coloring Workbook

By Princeton Review

Princeton Review, Paperback, 9780375762895, 307pp.

Publication Date: July 3, 2012

An Easier and Better Way to Learn Anatomy.
The human body is wondrously complex, with 700 muscles, 206 bones, and countless cells and tissues ... but studying and remembering all of them can be overwhelming
Instead of rote memorization, the "Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 3rd Edition"helps you take aninteractive approach to learning anatomy through coloring. Not only can this take less time than memorizing from textbooks and flashcards, but theprocess thoroughly fixes anatomical concepts in your mind for easier visual recall later.
The "Anatomy Coloring Workbook "includes:
126 coloring plates, eachwith one or more easy-to-follow diagrams showing sharp, precise renderings of anatomical structures
Full-length explanations ofthe pictured structures and anatomical conceptsto accompanyeach coloring lesson
An introductory section onterminology to get you started andcoloring suggestions to assist you
A glossary of common anatomical terms for quick reference
The 126 plates in the book are organized into the following sections:
Introduction to Anatomy & the Ingumentary System (6 plates)
The Skeletal System (19 plates)
The Muscular System (19 plates)
The Nervous System (26 plates)
The Endocrine System (7 plates)
The Circulatory System (17 plates)
The Lymphatic System (5 plates)
The Digestive System (9 plates)
The Respiratory System (5 plates)
The Urinary System (4 plates)
The Reproductive System (9 plates)
An invaluable resource for students of anatomy, physiology, biology, psychology, nursing, medical technology, health administration, fitness education, nutrition, art, and others, the"Anatomy Coloring Workbook "will help make your studies a cinch.

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