The Black Stallion and the Shape-Shifter

The Black Stallion and the Shape-Shifter

By Steven Farley

Yearling Books, Paperback, 9780375845321, 263pp.

Publication Date: May 11, 2010


Alec Ramsay and the Black are back in a brand-new adventure.

After being injured while racing in Ireland's famous Foster Stakes, the Black and Alec head to the Irish coast to recuperate. While there, they are intrigued by tales of the kelpie, a shape-shifting, horse-loving creature of myth who carries unsuspecting riders off to a watery grave. Alec meets a lonely local girl, Mora, who has found a stray pony. Recognizing her love of horses, Alec teaches Mora to ride. But when Mora disappears, Alec realizes that she has been carried off by the mythical kelpie. Now, Alec and the Black must race the shape-shifter, not realizing that if they lose, not only will Mora be lost forever, but so will the Black.

With this new novel about the Black, Steven Farley has truly taken the storytelling reins from his renowned father and has written one of the most exciting horse stories ever.

About the Author
Fils de Walter Farley, le createur de la celebre serie L'etalon noir, Steven a repris le flambeau. Auteur freelance vivant a Manhattan, il voyage tres souvent, surtout vers des lieux ou il peut gouter a ses trois occupations favorites: l'equitation, la plongee et le surf.