Andrew Lost with the Frogs

Andrew Lost with the Frogs Cover

Andrew Lost with the Frogs

By J. C. Greenburg; Jan Gerardi (Illustrator)

Random House Books for Young Readers, Paperback, 9780375846687, 86pp.

Publication Date: July 22, 2008

ANDREW, JUDY, AND Thudd are still the size of insects. Andrew has invented special bug suits to protect them. But the suits won t help much when they get lost in a pond full of frogs that love to eat bugs They come face-to-face with fierce larvae, giant waterbugs, diving beetles, and socalled moss animals that look like floating brains. Will Andrew, Judy, and Thudd find their way out of the pond . . . before they croak? Another exciting and fact-filled adventure sure to please kids, parents, teachers, and librarians alike